Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Black & Gold, Let’s Go Panthers Go!


As you know, I am an athlete for Ferrum College. I love to be out on campus supporting all of our sports teams! I have at least one friend, if not more, on each team that I support, so watching them during a game or a match shows my friends that I care about them and support their extracurricular activities. By doing this, it builds a bond much greater than just hanging out with them outside of class.

Ferrum College offers so many sports for both men and women, and the growth of our athletics department is remarkable! From soccer to swimming, and cheerleading to tennis, our campus is flourishing with sporting events all year long! In order to help facilitate our healthy growth of sports teams, we are adding a new building to campus known as the Hank Norton Center, which will provide a work-out and training location for students and athletes. Learn more about our new Hank Norton Center on our website!

Our team at a conference competition in Georgia
However, when I say I am an athlete, I am an athlete! Most people don’t consider cheerleading to be a sport, but here at Ferrum College, IT IS! Unlike cross country, baseball, lacrosse, etc., our season goes all year long. We are present at every home football game and several away football games during the fall and we are present at every home men’s and women’s basketball games during the winter. We also cheer competitively against other colleges and universities in the USA South Conference, such as Christopher Newport University, Greensboro College, and Methodist College.

My friend & I on the field at a Virginia Tech game
Just like any other team, in order for us to compete and travel, we have to fundraise a bit. Our fundraisers, however, are unlike most. This year, we got the chance to work at the Martinsville Speedway on Race Day in the fall and work at some Virginia Tech football games. For me, these were amazing experiences and network-building! With just these two fundraisers, I got the chance to watch my first race and to stand down on the football field in Lane Stadium for the Virginia Tech vs. Miami game for the final touchdown of the tied game with 1 minute left!

We're doing a two and a half high pyramid at a home game
We strive to show our support for Ferrum Athletics the best way possible, and I believe actions are louder than words. We not only cheer on the sidelines to keep the spirit among the crowd involved but we also stunt. We throw girls as tall as two people high in most pyramids to where it is required that you possess skill, technique and poise to place yourself in precise positions and situations. As I always say, “With most sports, you are either catching or throwing a ball. However, we cheerleaders are catching and throwing a body!” To be loud and proud about your support for someone is one thing, but to actually be present and in the action is much better in my eyes.

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