Thursday, March 15, 2012

Religion, Ferrum Style!


Many people have a major misconception when it comes to religion at Ferrum College. Because Ferrum College is a Methodist College, many people automatically think that the only thing that is present on campus is Methodist activities. The truth is though, that although Methodist activities are present on campus, Ferrum is open to many different denominations and religious beliefs.

I am the current president of Ferrum Christian Fellowship, a member of Mu Sigma Chi (Men Serving Christ), and I lead a Bible study on Tuesday nights here at Ferrum. Being involved in the campus ministries on campus, I can tell you personally that they will not disappoint. In the multiple Bible studies and at Monday Night Praise—which is basically church on Monday night—we do not teach philosophy or specify a certain denomination, but instead, we proclaim the Gospel and Jesus’s Holy Name.

Sanctus Real
The religious groups here on campus are not only greatly involved in Monday Night Praise and Bible studies, but we also participate in many other activities. Some of these activities include hosting Christian concerts, cookouts, tailgates, bonfires, pancake dinners, movie nights, car washes, game nights, Super Bowl parties, bake sales, Relay For Life activities, intramurals, and many other events. Last year, we had Sanctus Real come to campus for our “Big Christian Concert,” and this year, we are having The Afters join us.

In this week alone, we had Monday Night Praise, an intramural volleyball game and a Bible study at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, another Bible study on Wednesday, and we’ll be having a bonfire tonight and our typical Friday night game night tomorrow. This is just to show you a glimpse of a week here on campus regarding religious activities.

The religious group at Ferrum is literally like a family, and through it, I have experienced memorable moments and met people that will affect my life forever. Now, it is your turn to get the experience. Even if you are not religious, try it out, meet new people and have amazing experiences. Here at Ferrum, our motto is “boredom is a choice”; you have to go out and find things to do because activities won’t just come and find you in your room. Ferrum College is open to many different beliefs and ideas, and as a community, we are willing to accept many different things that each student brings to the table.

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