Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Greetings from Darryl!


Hey!  My name is Darryl and I’m from Richmond, Virginia. I’m currently a senior here at Ferrum College, majoring in Biology and minoring in both Forensic Science and Chemistry.  I’m currently applying to masters programs for Public Health, and I’m waiting to hear back soon.

After I achieve my masters, I’m planning on attending either dental or medical school. I found out about Ferrum from some friends in high school. I was extremely late in applying to schools and only applied to two. I got into both and chose to come here.  Ferrum’s campus is gorgeous, with great views and fresh air. I also like the small classroom settings; it makes it easier to have one-on-one interaction that you wouldn’t achieve at larger schools. This is great when it’s time for getting letters of recommendation if you choose to continue your education further because the instructors truly know who you are. The icing on the cake for me with Ferrum has to be the ducks. There aren’t many places where you routinely see ducks crossing the road on your way to class. 

Ducks on the way to class
I’m extremely active in Ferrum College’s community. I’m the senior class secretary, a member of and the treasurer of Pi Kappa Alpha, a member of Minds-N-Medicine, and I’m also doing research that has the potential to get published. There’s absolutely never a shortage of things to get involved in at Ferrum! 

Ferrum has given me great leverage for my future. I’m a more rounded person due to the opportunities here:  I’ve been able to attend multiple chemistry conferences and use equipment that most universities won’t let you touch until you’re in graduate school. Ferrum has given me the opportunity to step up my competition. 

I’ve been at Ferrum for 4 years and have made many fond memories, but my favorite ones are the snow days.  A group of friends and I always end up going sledding and snowboarding down one of Ferrum’s numerous hills, or having snowball fights for hours. It’s just like being a child again, with no worries.

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