Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Springtime Sysco Food Show

Students, faculty, and staff gathered in Franklin Hall's Blue Ridge Mountain Room to taste a number of foods distributed by Sysco.

The whole campus tasted foods at the Sysco Food Show.
Natural soups from scratch were a hit.

Many types of foods were offered. 
Michael A. Martin, director of food services (left)
Michael A. Martin, director of dining services, notes that events like these — one in the fall from US Foods and this inaugural springtime show — helps plan out what the cafeteria carries. "Getting feedback like this [from faculty, students, and staff] on new products helps us stock cafeteria items that will be popular," he said.

Many of the products at the show were natural, organic, and made from scratch. Michael explains that trends shape these types of shows and there is increasing interest in the marketplace for natural and organic foods. This national trend fits well into dining service's long-term commitment to include more organic options into its menu.

This stuff here — the roast!

Logging likes and dislikes.

Donna Doss filling out a survey in between bites.

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